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Be creative, be individual!

There is nothing more exciting than creating something by yourself! So why not design your own dream lamp? You want a pink cable or blue? No problem! Fabric casing? That’s it! Over the past two years in the lamp industry we experienced a gap in individuality. There are tons of different lamps in the furniture shop but there is no lamp designed for you! That’s the reason we came up with the idea of building an online lamp configurator. With a collection of different canopies, cables, sockets, light bulbs and lamp shades you can create something special! Really special! Help us to go live with our vision of re-creating furniture and support us to kick start the online lamp configurator.

Endless possibilities


Our mission

Our goal is to give you a tool to create a lamp that is as individual as yourself. With our lamp configurator you can choose from more than hundred different cables, canopies in up to 14 different colors and various lightbulbs and sockets. That means there are endless possibilities how your dream lamp can look like.

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